The manager of Iowa’s newest casino says they’ve worked out most of the bugs in their operation. The Lakeside Casino and Resort in Osceola opened January 1st after numerous construction delays and problems with its computer system. There were also complaints about slow payouts as big crowds filled the casino in its first few weeks of operation. General Manager Joe Massa says the problems go along with a facility that’s new. Massa says the overflow crowds were expected as people always want to see what a new casino is like. He doesn’t know if the big crowds will remain the norm.He says the casino is still looking to hire more employees.They started with 650 employees and are looking to hire around 100 more. Massa says the only major area of the casino complex not open yet is the steakhouse. He says it will open as planned.The casino boat in Osceola is the only one in the state to operate on a lake.