Governor Vilsack has decided NOT to commute the life prison sentence of woman in what has become a high profile case. Kathy Tyler was convicted of shooting her ex-husband to death 22 years ago in Des Moines. Prominent Iowans such as former Governor Robert Ray testified at her parole board hearing in favor of her release. Governor Vilsack said today he decided not to commute her sentenced based on four criteria, rehabilitation, retribution, the amount of time served versus the crime and whether or not Tyler would still be a danger to society. Vilsack says he reviewed all the documents in the case and has doubts she’s taken responsibility for her crime. Vilsack says another indication of her lack of responsibility is Tyler’s failure to pay court-ordered restitution to her ex-husband’s family.He says the 22-years Tyler has spent in prison isn’t punishment equivalent to her crime. Former Governor Ray and others argued that Tyler has changed her life, and Vilsack didn’t deny that’s true. He says however, the change isn’t enough to justify her release.Vilsack says he had access to information that Tyler’s supporters didn’t. He says that information may’ve changed their minds in supporting Tyler.Tyler will have to wait ten years before re-applying for release.