A bill which would bar auto makers from owning auto dealerships in Iowa ison its way to the Governor’s desk. In some of the nation’s metro areas, bigcarmakers are squeezing auto dealers out of business in order to set uptheir own shops — cutting out the middle-men. Senator Steve Hansen, ademocrat from Sioux City, says small “mom and pop” dealerships throughoutIowa are vulnerable if the ban is not enacted.Senator Larry McKibben, a republican from Marshalltown, saysmanufacturer-owned stores represent “unfair competition.”McKibben says there’s a potential for price-fixing, and huge factory-owneddealerships in cities would drive small-town operations out of business.Hansen says the “bigger is better” mentality is ruining other businesses inrural America. Hansen says they don’t seem quite as anxious to help those businesses out. He says it may be time to help save some of the other small businesses being driven out by large corporations.The Senate yesterday gave final approval to the bill, which was approved last year in the House.