The Iowa House this afternoon passed a resolution honoring the three Keokukfirefighters who died in December trying to save children in a burning home.Keokuk fire chief Mark Wessel was on hand and spoke with the media.Representative Phil Wise, a democrat from Keokuk, sponsored the resolution, calling the men real Iowa heroes. The three widows and other family members sat in the House of Representatives as the resolution was read, then the group met privately with Governor Vilsack. There are now questions about whether the city of Keokuk will continue providing health care coverage for the families of the firefighters, and how funeral costs will be paid. Chief Wessel says the details will take time.Wessel, who’s a leader in the professional firefighters association, plansto talk with legislators about the situation.Representative Dave Heaton, a republican from Mount Pleasant, presentedHouse leaders with hundreds of petition signatures in support of providing a”death benefit” to the families of the Keokuk firefighters.Private contributions have been collected to support the families involved.