Congressman Greg Ganske will vote to establish PERMANENT trade relations with China, and he plans to lobby other members of Congress on the issue. A vote on the proposal could come this spring. Ganske, a republican from Des Moines, has previously voted AGAINST granting China most favored nation trading status. Gankse says the permanent trade deal negotiated between China and the U-S could bring an end to China’s tariffs and quotas on U-S-made goods. Ganske staged a statehouse news conference this morning and invited representatives of Iowa businesses and ag interests. Iowa Farm Bureau President Ed Weiderstein said he’d rather rather ship U.S. pork tails to China than have China ship bullets over here. Ganske said he remains concerned about Chinese espionage and the country’s “saber rattling” towards Taiwan, but Ganske believes China will be more inclined to make democratic reforms if has an open trade relationship with the U.S.