Should utilities be required by law to invest in alternative forms of energy? Advocates of wind turbines and other alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power want lawmakers to continue to require utility investment in alternative energy. However, House Republican Leader Christopher Rants of Sioux City favors providing tax incentives for utility investment in alternative forms of energy. Rants is critical of the Governor and state department of natural resources officials for being on the other side of the issue. He says he’s concerned officials with the DNR are getting carried away with the goal of increasing renewable energy sources and are forgetting about homeowners who pay the bill.Representative Frank Chiodo (chy’-doh), a democrat from Des Moines, says under present law, utilities are required to generate a small portion of their electricity from alternative forms of energy. The issue will be debated when the Iowa House takes up the bill which seeks to de-regulate the electric utility industry and allow electric companies to compete for customers. Governor Vilsack says he will not accept a bill which does not require some utility investments in alternative forms of energy.