Teen suicide is targeted in a new series of public service announcements airing in Iowa. The P-S-A’s are based on a study suggesting teens at risk can be identified before it’s too late. Kent Jackson directs psychiatric services at a Cedar Rapids hospital & says there are warning signs. He says the kids tend to be unnconnected from other kids and activities and they don’t feelt they have a purpose in life.Jackson says other warning signs include depression, sexual identity issues and family problems. He says many risk factors are related to changes in society.The Iowa Department of Public Health says 25 teens killed themselves in 1998, that’s down from 29 teen suicides the year before. Jackson says teens shouldn’t be afraid to confront their friends if they think there’s a problem looming.Jackson says it’s also important to tell a parent, a counselor or another professional. Nationwide, suicide is the third leading cause of teen death.