More convicted drunken drivers in Iowa may have to install special devices which prevent their car’s from running if the driver is drunk. The “interlock” devices will only work when the driver’s breath is below the legal blood alcohol intoxication limit of point-one. Senator Andy McKean, a republican from Anamosa, says the bill will help make Iowa’s roads safer.First-time drunken drivers could get half of their one-thousand dollar fine waived if they install a “breathalizer” ignition lock. McKean says all Iowans convicted of a second drunken-driving offense would have to use ignition interlocks, period.Today, convicted drunken drivers with a suspended license can obtain a permit to drive to and from work — but only if they install an ignition lock. The Senate endorsed the expanded ignition lock requirements today on a 45 to zero vote. The House is expected to accept Senate amendments to the bill before its sent to Governor Vilsack’s desk for his signature or veto.