Sure, it’s nearly three weeks into spring. Why not have a snowstorm? Much of northern Iowa is already under a white blanket after several inches of snow fell this morning — and it’s still coming down.National Weather Service meteorologist Chuck Myers, at the Johnston office, says the entire upper half of Iowa will see at least some snow today, while the upper third will have it stick. He says areas from Estherville to Mason City already have between two and eight inches on the ground.Myers says any snow that does fall will likely melt within the next day or so. Still, today’s certainly not a good day for planting begonias or going skateboarding and Myers says some Iowans may be forced to change their travel plans, too. He says road conditions are getting worse near the Minnesota border.The Emergency Management Director for Emmet County says his area has already gotten more snow than was forecast — with nearly nine inches on the ground, and it’s still falling. Terry Reekers says people need to use extreme caution when they go outside to shovel this stuff. He says the snow is very heavy with moisture.Reekers says there’re many problems associated with the heavy snow — and the high winds as tree limbs have been falling and causing some power outages.The following conditions now exist: a winter storm warning for north central and northeast Iowa, a winter weather advisory for northwest and east central Iowa and a wind advisory for southwest, west central, central and south central Iowa.