This is “Take Five Day” in Iowa, but it doesn’t have anything to do with how many fruits and vegetables you’re supposed to eat. This is the day parents are encouraged to take five minutes to talk with their kids about the dangers of drugs.Dale Woolery is the project director for the Partnership for a Drug-free Iowa, which declared the “Take Five Day.” He says studies have show that students pay attention to what parents have to say about drugs. Some parents may fear turning their kids off with a preachy message about why drugs are bad, but Woolery says parents just need to start the conversation.Woolery says the latest Iowa Youth Survey found tobacco and marijuana use on the rise among Iowa teens, while teen alcohol use was down slightly, but still heavy. He says alcohol is the most-abused substance among Iowa middle and high schoolers. Woolery says it’s important moms and dads make a serious effort to “take five,” if not today, this weekend.Parents who need more information about how to best approach their kids on the subject can call 800-247-0614.