A student from the West Indies is completing training in Iowa that will allow him to break new ground in his Caribbean country. Pius Benjamin graduated last weekend from “emergency medical services” training at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines. After some additional field training this summer, Benjamin will return home to St. Lucia to start the island’s first E-M-S program.Benjamin says accident victims and others suffering injuries in St. Lucia now get a minimum of care from emergency personnel. He says firemen in St. Lucia can put victims in the ambulance, but don’t have the training to give advanced care such as an I-V or medicine. Benjamin completed two years of training to become a paramedic. He’ll ride with other paramedics in Des Moines this summer before returning home to set up the new E-M-S program. Benjamin says it’s kind of scary trying to introduce something new to his country.He praises the training he’s received here in Iowa and believes it will allow him to be successful.Benjamin returns to St. Lucia in October to begin setting up the program there.