A documentary on the Sullivan brothers of Waterloo will air tonight on the History Channel. The true story of the five “Fighting Sullivans” is part of the “History’s Mysteries” series on the cable T-V network. Arthur Drooker is the program’s executive producer and says it’s appropriate the show will have its world premiere on Memorial Day. He says you can’t top their service to the company.The five brothers enlisted in the Navy during World War Two and all five were killed in 1942 when a Japanese sub torpedoed their ship. Because of the tragedy, the U-S military changed its policy to forbid family members from serving in the same unit or on the same aircraft or ship. Drooker calls himself a history buff and was captured by the story.Drooker says the program will include interviews with members of the Sullivan family and with Frank Holmgren, the last survivor of the U-S-S Juneau. Homgren now lives in New Jersey.The program is scheduled to air at 7 p-m.