Iowa’s Governor plans to walk across the state within the next three years — and the first leg of that journey starts in two weeks. Governor Tom Vilsack will visit 21 different towns and walk about 25 miles per day. Vilsack says it’s designed to help him talk with “regular Iowans.” He says he doesn’t have the time to meet a lot of people at most of the events he attends.Vilsack hopes his walk prompts Iowans to think about walking on their own. He says it’s important to send a message about physical fitness.Vilsack expects to do some running and walking by himself so he has a chance to reflect on what Iowans have told him.Here’s Vilsack’s schedule: On Sunday, June 18th, he’ll stop in Onawa for an ice cream social. On Monday the 19th, the Governor will start in Turin, then make stops in Castana, Mapleton, and Grand Junction. On Tuesday, June 20th, he’ll stop in Beaver, Ogden, Boone and Mason City. On Wednesday, the 21st, he’ll visit Nora Springs, Rudd, Floyd and New Hampton. On Thursday, June 22nd, he’ll be in Lawler, Jackson Junction, Fort Atkinson and Mount Vernon. On Friday the 23rd, he’ll start in Lisbon, then stop in Mechanicsville and Stanwood.