“Mothers Against Drunk Driving” continues to press Iowa lawmakers to enact a tougher standard for judging who is a drunken driver. Lowering the legal blood alcohol limit to .08 is their goal.That’s Alda Helvey of Clive, executive director of the Polk County “MADD” chapter. Last year, Helvey helped form a coalition of 12 Iowa groups which support .08.The group was successful in getting the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass a bill, which lowered the legal limit, but the bill went no farther and died.Helvey says they’re still working to get the law passed. She says they will not go away and are building a “grass roots” campaign.A “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” news conference at this hour in Washington, D-C is urging the U-S Congress to pass a law which denies federal highway dollars to states which fail to enact point-oh-eight as their drunken driving limit.