A new computer system to relay information between Iowa schools and colleges is said to be so fast, it’s like comparing the speed of a snail and a lightning bolt. The system, dubbed “EASIER,” is now on-line between the University of Northern Iowa and the Des Moines Public Schools, but will eventually expand statewide.Philip Patton is registrar at U-N-I. EASIER stands for the Electronic Access System for Iowa Educational Records. He says it’ll be used for zapping things like transcripts and admission information back and forth between schools and institutions. Patton says they used to use the U-S mail.Instead of sending things through the mail, Patton says this EASIER system will allow for the instantaneous and secure transmission of documents. He says it’ll eventually allow high school graduates to know –right away– if they’ve been accepted as college students.Patton says the system will eventually link all three of Iowa’s public universities and the 375 public school districts.