Three Iowa Republicans had an extended conversation with a gay protestor at the Republican National Convention. It happened as Kathy Kist of Cedar Rapids was walking with two other Iowa women in downtown Philadelphia. Kist says once she made eye contact, the man started yelling.Kist says fellow delegate Veneta Smith of Fontanelle engaged the gay protestor in a debate about gay marriage.Iris Morrison of Shenandoah was the other Iowan along for the debate. Kist says some Philadelphians nearby heard the entire conversation and apologized. They offered to buy the women a beer.The women declined the offer of beer, but did stop to chat briefly with the Philadelphians. Protestors didn’t really disrupt the Republican National Convention. That was a surprise to Senator Charles Grassley after what he saw at the WTO talks in Seattle.Congressman Jim Leach of Davenport actually sought out the protestors to talk with them about their opinions.Leach saw plenty of wacky costumes, including a vegetarian protesting meat consumption. That man was clad in a cabbage leaf. Leach says the unsung heroes of the convention were the police from Philadelphia and the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.