They’re shopping and not dropping all over Iowa today. This is the first day of the two-day “Tax Freedom Weekend” during which no state sales taxes are being charged on most clothing and shoes under 100-dollars. The self-titled “proud father” of the tax holiday says it’s “wildly successful.”State Representative Jamie Van Fossen is a republican from Davenport. As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Van Fossen pushed this effort as a way to lend a hand to families who could use a few extra bucks.In future years, Van Fossen would like to see the two-day period stretch to be even a week or more. Consumers are expected to save about three million dollars by the time this tax holiday ends. That’s three-million the state won’t be getting, but Van Fossen is not concerned as he says people will be buying things during their shopping sprees which -are- taxed and he expects sales taxes may actually be up for the weekend.