The so-called “City of Angels” will play host to the Democratic National Convention and the 74 Iowa democrats who are delegates, alternates, elected officials or special committee members. The official “carrier” for convention-goers is United Airlines, and that’s causing some concern. In the week leading up to the Republican National Convention, Iowa Republicans scrambled to defend the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, but Iowa democrats fought that battle earlier, and won. Iowa Democratic Party chairman Rob Tully says convention delegates will simply ratify the 2004 primary and caucus schedule on Monday.Tully says presidential candidates of the past, present and future will visit the Iowans at their hotel.Senator Tom Harkin says Gore needs to focus on the health of the economy.Harkin hopes Gore uses his moment in the spotlight to sway some Midwestern votes. Harkin hopes to get Gore to address the issue with at least a paragraph in his speech.Harkin will be attending his fifth national convention. His first was in 1984, when Walter Monde introduced Geraldine Ferrari as his running mate.The Iowa delegation will be staying in the ritzy Westwood neighborhood in L-A — within walking distance of the U-C-L-A campus and a mile from truly posh Beverly Hills.