Iowans will have at least four choices for President in November. This afternoon, officials with the Libertarian Party presented about three thousand signatures to the Iowa Secretary of State, ensuring their presidential candidate’s name, Harry Browne, will be on the state’s ballots. Iowa party chairman Mark Nelson says support for Libertarians is growing.Nelson says he views the Libertarian party being in favor of “free minds and free markets.” He is aiming for the November goal of 25-thousand votes from Iowans.He says Jesse Ventura’s victory to become Minnesota’s Governor shows that so-called third party or independent candidates -can- win major offices.Nelson, who lives in Davenport, says there will be Libertarian candidates in each of Iowa’s five congressional races and in nine state legislative races. In addition to the Republican and Democrat candidates, Iowans will also be able to choose the Green Party candidate Ralph Nader in November.