The beleaguered Iowa-based airline “Access Air” has had a 13-million dollar cash infusion and may start flying again in late September. Access Air spokeswoman Julie Evans says they have two planes and want to add three more. They will initially fly Des Moines to Chicago and will eventually add more flights.The airline’s managers bill it as the low-cost alternative to flying out of Des Moines. For example, a walk-up fare from Des Moines to Chicago will be two-hundred-62 dollars. The same ticket on United would cost over six hundred bucks for a seat in coach.”Access Air” used to fly routes through Colorado Springs, Moline and Peoria. Now, the Des Moines routes will go to Chicago, New York, L.A., Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver and Baltimore. She says they’ve worked with some consultants to pick the destinations where Iowans like to go.The airline’s former operators filed for bankruptcy protection, and the Ruan trucking company stepped forward to take over operations — and plug millions into the failing airline to put it back in the air.