Iowa hasn’t had a significant earthquake in nearly a century, but last week’s house-rattling events in nearby states have Iowa officials reviewing their procedure logs for “what if it happened here?” David Miller, chief of staff at Iowa Emergency Management, says Iowa has no specific earthquake plan, its plan covers all disasters.Miller says Iowa isn’t considered at high risk for earthquakes, but shakers last week in Missouri and Arkansas reminded us that middle America should still be prepared for such events. Miller says Iowa -would- be ready to respond to an earthquake, just as with tornadoes, floods or nuclear, biological and chemical incidents.Miller says the compact between Iowa and some 30 other states enables emergency services and resources to be shared when disaster strikes.While Iowa has had several small earthquakes over the decades, the U-S Geological Survey says the last significant quake that had its epicenter in Iowa struck in 1905 and was centered in Lee County near Keokuk.