The republican candidate in Iowa’s third congressional district accuses the incumbent of being in effective. Jay Marcus of Fairfield says Congressman Leonard Boswell talks a good game in public meetings in Iowa, but doesn’t follow through in Washington.Marcus says, for example, Boswell once told constituents he was writing a letter to the U-S-D-A to ask for release of “conservation reserve” pasture-ground for farmers who wanted to use it for livestock feed.Marcus says a review of U-S-D-A mail shows Boswell never sent the letter he touted in a press release. Jessica Vandenberg, Boswell’s deputy campaign manager, says Boswell did get results on that issue for farmers. Vandenberg says the issue was so pressing, Boswell telephoned a U-S-D-A official personally — and got the U-S-D-A to reduce the C-R-P rental penalty from 30 to 25 percent. As for the “Listening Posts” Marcus criticizes, Vandenberg says voters get results. She says she doesn’t know any other congressman who visits his district more than Boswell.Boswell, who is a democrat from Davis City, is seeking a third term in Congress. The third congressional district stretches from Shenandoah to Burlington — and up to Ames and Marshalltown.