The leader of an Iowa anti-abortion group is blasting the Food and Drug Administration’s approval Thursday of the controversial “abortion pill” R-U-four-86.Kim Gordon, the Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life, says it’s the first time the FDA has approved a drug that will kill instead of help people. The drug went through five years of U-S tests and Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa participated in those trials. Gordon says claims that the drug is safe are simply wrong. She says one in 100 women who take the drug will end up in the hospital and two percent will have severe bleeding that will need surgery.Gordon says R-U-four-86 will have a chilling effect on women. She says the woman could see the dead baby slip out her body in her own home.Gordon says supporters try to make a differentiation between surgical abortions and the abortion pill. She says there isn’t any difference, she says they’re talking about a human being in the womb being killed. Gordon says society has been to desensitize to abortion.Gordon says she’ll pressure Iowa legislators to keep the drug away from women under age 18.