A Clinton Administration by-pass would establish new “patients’ rights” ruleswhich Congress has failed to enact. Reports indicate the rules will go intoeffect before the November election. The rules set deadlines for H-M-Odecisions on patient claims and help patients appeal decisions. Mary RoseBrown of Iowa Falls is an activist in A-A-R-P, formerly known as theAmerican Association for Retired Persons. She says the administration ismaking an “excellent move” to bypass Congress. Brown says she’s heard horrorstories about H-M-Os which denied care to elderly Iowans who weren’t able toappeal those decisions. The new federal rules would cover the more than130-million Americans who receive health insurance through their privateemployer. A “Patient’s Bill of Rights” has stalled in the republican-ledCongress. Al Gore supports a Patients Bill of Rights, and the nationwiderules the Clinton Administration plans to establish are similar to onesGeorge W. Bush helped establish in Texas, so Clinton’s action would be abigger factor in Congressional races than in the presidential race.