A slice of Iowa farm history is still very much alive this weekend in the tiny western Iowa town of Kimballton. Both the state and national levels of the Hand Corn Husking Contest are being held. Contest organizer Paul Christensen says the rules are simple, but there’s an art to the chore.Huskers will do the task for about 20 minutes at a time, heaving the ears of corn into the horse-drawn wagon. Christensen says the judges follow close behind to make sure no corn is left behind and there’s not a lot of husks on the corn.Christensen expects about 50 of Iowa’s best corn huskers to take part in the state portion of the contest, then they’ll go on to the national edition. Hundreds of huskers from nine other states will compete for the U-S title in several age categories.The state competition begins at 7 a-m today, while the nationals begin at 7 a-m tomorrow. Kimballton is nine miles north of I-80 exit number 54.