Many Iowans will be seeing red at some point this week. Today marks the start of Red Ribbon Week in Iowa, an effort to promote a drug-free state. Tressa Youngbear is one of the project’s organizers through the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center in Cedar Rapids. Youngbear says the awareness promotion works. She says more and more students are stepping forward to say they’re drug free.Youngbear says red ribbons are already popping up all over Iowa — and not just on people’s lapels. She says each community is trying to come up with unique ways to show solidarity in the anti-drug campaign.She admits this will be a profitable week for whatever companies out there make red plastic or felt ribbons as they’ve gone through at least 100-thousand ribbons and bracelets.Tuesday is “Wear Red Day” in Iowa, which includes red ribbons, red hats and even red socks to show you’re “socking it to” alcohol, tobacco and drugs. For more information on the weeklong effort, call 800 247-0614.