More last minute campaigning through the weekend as the Bush and Gore campaigns seek to nail down Iowa’s seven electoral votes. Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney went to Davenport, where he said the U-S military isn’t as prepared today as it was eight years ago when the Clinton/Gore administration took over from Bush/Quayle. Democrats brought sprinter Carl Lewis into Des Moines on Saturday to stump for Gore. On Sunday, members of the cast of “The West Wing” rallied Gore backers in Iowa City. Martin Sheen portrays the President on the t-v show. He says his message is to get serious about November 7th as our future is at stake.The event was the second this weekend in Iowa City as the Gore campaign tried to counter Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s appearance there Friday. Writer, director and actor Rob Reiner was part of the Hollywood crowd working for Gore in Iowa City. He believes he and others will be able to change the minds of some the Nader voters.Republican Dick Cheney is due in Dubuque early this afternoon.