Iowa’s incumbent Congressmen are not on the campaign trail but instead are in Washington, D-C where President Clinton and G-O-P leaders are haggling about federal budget details. Congressman Jim Leach, a republican from Davenport, says it’s a trying situation for those who are seeking re-election. He says it’s disadvantageous to be stuck in Washington not able to talk with constituents.The nearly two trillion dollar federal budget plan is overdue, and President Clinton has insisted on daily bills with enough money to keep the government running temporarily. Leach says while substantive issues remain as roadblocks, much of the impasse has more to do with the political fortunes of the two political parties.Leach has been a bit of a maverick in his career. For example, he voted against Newt Gingrich for House Speaker, and the eastern Iowa republican says it’s time for a little bit of “comity” or “social harmony” in Washington.Leach faces democrat Bob Simpson of Iowa City in this fall’s election.