Iowa’s Senior U-S Senator contends the showdown between the President and Congress over the federal budget will not impact the November 7th election. Last night, Republicans junked a deal with the democrat President over new “ergonomic” rules to reduce workplace accidents. Businesses object to the rules. Grassley says voters won’t be swayed by the conflict because government operations continue uninterrupted.At the end of 1995, Republican Congressional leaders shut down the government as they fought with President Clinton over federal spending. Grassley says they learned that shutting down the government didn’t save any money.Grassley says the process of compromise is working now in Washington, but some G-O-P leaders worry Congress is spending so much money there won’t be enough money for the tax cut proposed by their candidate, George W. Bush. Grassley says though, the only thing that can eliminate the surplus is a big slowdown in the economy over the next ten years.Some strategists believe President Clinton and Republicans will use the budget stalemate as fodder for the election fight.