Four months ago, A-J DeCoster was declared an habitual violator of state environmental laws, which means he cannot build a new hog lot. But now DeCoster’s asking for a state permit to build a new chicken farm near a State Park in Wright County and he may get it because his son and an associate would run the egg-laying facility. Wayne Gieselman of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the question is how much of a financial stake will DeCoster have in the poultry farm.DeCoster lists himself as a “non-voting stockholder” in the corporation that’s been formed to build the poultry facility. The proposed site is about two miles from Wall Lake State Park. Gieselman says that’s allowed by state law as long as the egg washwater treatment lagoon is 250 away from a residence.Gieselman says the application is not complete, but when it is, state officials have 60 days to rule on the proposal.