The Iowa Farm Bureau is calling on federal officials to immediately release the genetically modified “Starlink” corn for human consumption. The corn, which has been found in some food, is only approved as feed for animals. Iowa Farm Bureau President Ed Wiederstein says E-P-A testing has proven the corn is safe.Wiederstein says the Food and Drug Administration has opened a 30-day comment period on using “Starlink” corn for human consumption.Wiederstein says the 30-day period will take too long, but he calls it a step in the right direction. He says Iowans waiting for the federal approval of the corn are facing a hardship.Wiederstein doesn’t know how much of the Starlink corn is being held up in Iowa, but he says it doesn’t take much to be a problem. He says the testing equipment is so sophisticated it can identify even a single kernel of the corn.Aventis, the marketer of “StarLink” corn, is offering farmers a bonus to buy-back the corn. Wiederstein says there needs to be more coordination between the E-P-A and the F-D-A in approving food products.