Both major party presidential candidates are making last minute pitches in Iowa. Al Gore arrived in Waterloo after midnight today — and spoke to about two thousand democrats who crammed into the Waterloo airport terminal. Gore said, “I Love Iowa.”Gore said he “just has a feeling” he’ll win Tuesday. He says the long journey that began in Iowa has come all the way around back to the state.Gore said this is the kind of election “you’ll tell your grandchildren about.” He says it’s the closest race in 40 years.George W. Bush is due in Davenport this afternoon. About 300 people rallied in downtown Des Moines Sunday afternoon as former President George Bush appeared on behalf of his son, George W. He told the crowd things are trending right if Iowans help.The former President attacked the record of the Clinton/Gore administration. He says Clinton and Gore haven’t made the changes they promised in health care and social security.Bush made no mention of last week’s revelation that his son had a drunken driving arrest in 1976, but told the crowd he and his wife, Barbara, are “very, very proud” of their son.Bush said he was the proudest and most nervousfather in the country.