An Ida County district court judge says the state can continue clean up of a former fuel storage facility in Ida Grove. Bob Brammer, a spokesperson for Iowa’s Attorney General, says the case involves the former Wunschel Oil Company site owned by Vernus and Jacquelyn Wunschel of Ida Grove.The state had already started cleaning up the site before being blocked from the property. Brammer says the Department of Natural Resources has already removed thousands of gallons of gasoline from the ground. Brammer says the judge ruled it was important to continue the clean the gasoline could get into the City of Ida Grove’s water supply if it seeps too far into the ground. Brammer says D-N-R officials are expected to be back on the site today. The clean up could cost between one and one-and-a-half million dollars. The cost of the clean up will be paid by a special fund set aside for cleaning up such sites.