People searching for meaning in their lives might find it tomorrow at a free, daylong symposium in Dubuque. Clarke College is hosting the symposium on spirituality. The speaker line-up includes a cosmologist, an historian and a theologian. Gayle Naughton , the symposium chair and vice president of institutional advancement at Clarke, says our society is making great advances in areas like computers but is yearning for relevance and meaning.The symposium has been two years in the planning and is called “Spirituality: The Source of Life in the 21st Century.” Naughton is amazed by the response from people who plan to attend.Naughton says the free symposium will draw at least 16-hundred people to Dubuque from all over the Midwest and from as far away as Virginia. It opens at 9 a-m and runs until 4:30 p-m. A roundtable discussion starts at 7:30 p-m.