The tie has been broken in Cedar County, Iowa — the only county in the nation where George Bush and Al Gore had tied. The county’s board of supervisors conducted the “official canvas” yesterday, reviewing the final absentee ballots as well as ballots which had been challenged because of a voter’s change in address or mis-markings on the ballot itself. Cedar County Auditor Betty Ellerhoff says it took an hour and a half and she is glad it’s over. Ellerhoff says it’s been very stressful as she’s spent a lot of time talking with reporters. Ellerhoff says any election has some amount of stress in trying to get everything done in a timely fashion.Based on yesterday’s final tally, Gore received four-thousand-33 votes in Cedar County. Bush’s tally was just two votes behind, at four-thousand-31.C-N-N broadcast live Monday morning from a Tipton restaurant, and reporters from national publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune were in Cedar County over the weekend, writing stories aboutthe county where Gore and Bush were tied when the votes were counted lastweek.