The National Campaign for Organ Donors is making a push this week for people nationwide to sign up to donate. Iowa Donor Network spokesman Paul Sodders says the campaign got a boost from a Congressional Resolution that designates Thanksgiving as the day to talk about organ and tissue donation among families.Sodders says there are currently around 300 Iowans on a waiting list for organ donations and not enough donors to meet that demand.He says there are typically only about 52 organ donors in Iowa each year. Sodders says you have to let your family know that you want to donate your organs, you can’t just indicate it on your divers’ license.He says a lack of donors is a problem nationwide.The N-F-L is helping with the campaign and handed out donor information at all its games yesterday. The N-F-L got involved in the awareness campaign following the death of Hall of Fame runningback Walter Payton. Payton was on an organ donor list before his death.