The price of gas continues to go back and forth as much as the presidential election. Iowa Department of Natural Resources energy analyst Ward Lenz says the price of a gallon of gas dropped three cents last month. Lenz says it’s gone down even more in the last few days.He says gas prices have dropped as low as a dollar-34 a gallon for unleaded. Lenz says the up and down price of crude oil is making it hard to predict the price of gas. He does expect a temporary increase in price as Iowans hit the road for the holiday.He expects the price to bounce up late today and early tomorrow as marketers take advantage of increased demand. Lenz says the state entered its first big cold snap with plenty of heating oil available. He says that could change if the cold weather keeps up in the northeast and they snap up extra supplies of heating oil.Lenz says Iowa has enough propane and natural gas to meet the demands of the cold weather.