Iowa’s fields of green soybeans and corn are now just a memory, but the harvest is just beginning on another green crop. Christmas tree growers across the state are preparing for Iowans to descend on their fields. Iowa Christmas Tree Growers Association President Renee Kidman says its approximately 165 members should have plenty of trees available.Drought conditions hit parts of the state, but Kidman says that has little impact on this year’s tree. She says it takes six to seven years for the trees to develop, so one bad weather year doesn’t have an immediate impact.Kidman says cutting a tree at a farm has advantages, as you get a fresh tree that was grown in the state and is biodegradable.She says the price of trees varies depending on what you’re looking for, ranging from 20 dollars up to 100 dollars, depending on the size and variety.You can find a Christmas Tree grower in your area by visiting the Association’s website at: