Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack may be taking a trip to the state at the center of the presidential election controversy.Vilsack has been asked by the Democratic National Committee to go to Florida. Vilsack, a democrat, says the national party feels his presence might help offset some of the republican presence in Florida to offset some of the Republican governors in the state.Vilsack says he won’t go to Florida to try and get into a partisan fight.Vilsack says he hopes his visit will help spur bipartisanship in the whole process.Vilsack has another reason for heeding the call to visit Florida — the trip could score the state some points with national officials who set the dates for the Iowa Caucuses and Iowa’s “First-in-the-Nation status.Vilsack says he will decide later today if he’ll make the trip to Florida. He says he first has to see if he can rearrange his schedule.