A trendy item of clothing will be featured in a display of “Our Favorite Things” which opens at the State Historical Building December 16th. Some view it as a symbol of liberation, while others label it exploitation. Whatever your view, the mini-skirt rose to the top of the list of “100 Creations of the 20th Century” that curator Jack Lufkin picked for the newest display at the State Historical Building in Des Moines. Lufkin says a British clothing designer named Mary Quaint introduced the mini skirt in 1965.Cynthia Glenn, who is fashion director for Younkers department stores, remembers her first mini skirt. She says she wore it because it was the trend and a fashion statement.A mini skirt an Iowa mom sewed for her daughter who was an art student in London will be on display at the State Historical Building. Lufkin has also thrown in a pair of “hot pants” for kicks.