Less than a month before Christmas, many Iowans aren’t dreaming of sugar plumbs, but a 130-million dollar Powerball jackpot. That’s enough money to buy ten-million Barbie dolls, a million Razor scooters or 57-thousand acres of prime Iowa farmland. The Iowa Lottery’s Mary Neubauer says if one lucky Iowan matches all of the numbers, that extremely valuable Powerball ticket must be guarded at all costs.The drawing is Wednesday night. If there’s no winner, the jackpot will roll over to Saturday night’s drawing, boosting the jackpot from 130-million to perhaps 155-million or more. Neubauer says Powerball ticket sales have been very brisk and they’re getting more frenzied by the minute.Powerball tickets were selling in Iowa yesterday at the rate of 355 every minute. Neubauer predicts sales today and tomorrow will be even higher.