It took more than 55-years for one eastern Iowa World War Two veteran to find his lost wallet. Chuck Herrler says the story of the missing wallet really centers around two women. The first, a young woman he met at age 18 and dated while stationed in New Zealand in 1943.Herrler says during one of those dates he fell asleep on a couch at the girl’s uncle’s house and when he woke up his wallet was missing and was never found.The second woman enters years later. Herrler says he received a letter from a woman in New Zealand who had purchased a couch at an auction a few years ago. She found Herrler’s wallet in the couch while cleaning it. Herrler says after so many years the woman’s letter and discovery came as a surprise.After going through the embassy, the Navy and Social Security, Herrler did get his wallet back, complete with I-D cards, picture of family and some newspaper clippings. Herrler is at the V-A Medical Center in Iowa City.