The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service today released its final opinion on the controversial issue of changing the management of the Missouri River. Wildlife Service Regional Director Ralph Morganweck says something needs to be done to protect wildlife along the river. The opinion finds the current management threatens three species of wildlife. Morganweck says they would like to see water flows from the Gavins Point Dam changed.They want higher spring flows and lower flow levels in the summer to provide better habitat for fish and birds along the river. Army Corps of Engineers General Carl Strock says they don’t agree with the Wildlife Service’s assessment.Strock says the plan would increase the risk for flooding and cause interruptions in barge and boat traffic on the river. Strock says the water flows called for in the report are too low.Strock says the Corps is aware of the biological impact on the fish and wildlife on the Missouri.They are looking to serve needs of the species, and meet the obligations of the project purposes. No changes will be made to the plan until at least 2003. Between now and then, there will be public hearings on the proposed plan.(