Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says it’s “worrisome” that Tyson Foods has put in a bid to buy I-B-P. It’s the third time in recent months that a company has bid on the world’s largest beef processor. Tyson is the world’s largest poultry company. Another bidder is Smithfield Foods, the nation’s biggest pork processor and hog producer. Grassley says the move is “dangerous” and could force higher grocery prices on consumers. He says there’s another fear for Iowa livestock producers.Grassley says “I’m concerned the proposal will increase the amount of concentration in the meatpacking industry to the point where it will hurt the independent farmers trying to get fair prices for their products. Tyson’s already large presence in the retail market might also affect the prices consumers pay at the meat counter.” Grassley is again appealing to the U-S Attorney General’s office, asking for careful consideration of whether poultry giant Tyson’s offer on I-B-P would result in a move that could hurt competition.Tyson is the world’s largest poultry producer, processor and marketer. It’s also the nation’s number-six pork producer.