The Heidi Watkins case was re-opened today in Algona for new testimony from her former boyfriend Jesse Wendelsdorf. Watkins was to be sentenced last Friday on child endangerment charges in connection with the death of her two-year old daughter, Shelby Duis. But Judge Joseph Straub reopened the case after a girlfriend testified Wendelsdorf confessed to her that he killed the girl. Wendelsdorf was tried a few months ago and acquitted of all charges, including sexual abuse and murder. Wendelsdorf took the stand today in Kossuth County District Court and said he told his girlfriend Julie Ballentini a fantasy story about killing the girl.Wendelsdorf says Ballentini seemed to like hearing the stories and seemed to “get so high off it”. He said “No” when directly asked if he killed Shelby Duis in January. The prosecutor questioned why Wendelsdorf never told Ballentini he was making up the story. Wendelsdorf cannot be retried for the crime, but could face perjury charges. Judge Straub says he will file his ruling as soon a possible on what impact the testimony may have on Watkins’ case.