The South American nation of Argentina has agreed to open its ports to American pork. It’s a great achievement and a chance for Iowa pork producers to showcase their product according to Steven Cohen, spokesman for the National Pork Producers Council, says the N-P-P-C is estimating Argentina will import 30-thousand metric tons of pork every year. To put that in perspective, the total U-S pork exports last year were around 500-thousand metric tons. Cohen says the portion that is expected to go to Argentina would be worth between 55 and 60-million dollars.Cohen says this new market opening in Argentina could translate to very good news specifically for Iowa producers, as projections indicate the number of market hogs is expected to grow next year. He says any additional movement of the hogs is good news for producers.He says U-S pork exports have increased 13-fold in the past 13 years.