The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has reached an agreement with a Fort Dodge man to clean up a massive pile of old tires. D-N-R environmental specialist Mel Pins says they hope to begin the cleanup on the site owned by Don Grell sometime soon.There are over two million tires at the site and it will take around 18 months to clean them up. Pins says the state has funds to begin the cleanup, but hopes to get payment from Grell.It’s estimated it will cost two million dollars to clean up the tires and that would come from a state fund. Pins says there is still a three-and-a-half-million dollar fine pending against Grell. Pins says this is the biggest pile of used tires in the state.Pins says it’s important to get the tire pile cleaned up to prevent any fires or health concerns caused by the tires. He says the tires in Fort Dodge will be recycled.