A new study finds some 80-percent of University of Iowa faculty members who quit in the last school year simply got better offers. Lee Anna Clark, an associate provost of the U-of-I, says the Iowa City institution apparently just doesn’t have the cash to keep people happy.During the past school year, the U-of-I lost 74 faculty members. Clark says many of them followed the money by going to other Big Ten schools or to Ivy League schools. She says it makes a strong argument for the U-of-I’s funding request to state government.Clark says the faculty departure situation is not at a crisis level, but it is a big concern. She blames the republican-led state legislature for not pumping enough money into the public universities in the past session.Clark says the report on U-of-I faculty departures will be presented to the Board of Regents during its monthly meeting next Wednesday and Thursday in West Des Moines.