It’s not Santa Claus but Santa Lucia who is the highlight of a holiday event today in the southwestern Iowa town of Stanton. Known for its Swedish heritage, the Montgomery County town is holding its 49th annual Santa Lucia Festival today, honoring a woman who lived centuries ago. She was a martyr that served the poor in Italy.Don Peterson is one of the organizers of Stanton’s annual festival. He says one of the day’s highlights is the competition to name the Santa Lucia Queen. There is also a program tonight at 7:30 that’ll feature cultural singing and dancing.Stanton is known for it’s distinctive water tower that resembles a coffeepot. Peterson says visitors today will also see the town’s second water tower, which was just built this fall. It is in the shape of a coffee cup and saucer.Stanton is the hometown of Virginia Christine, the actress who was nationally known for years as “Mrs. Olsen” on T-V coffee commercials.