Vice President Al Gore will address the nation this evening after losing in the U-S Supreme Court in his bid for the White House. If Gore concedes, it would make George W. Bush the nation’s 43rd President. North Iowa Area Community College political science instructor John Schmaltz does not expect there to be as much gridlock as some of the “talking heads” say there will be. He says for the first time since 1952 there is a Republican president with a lead in the House and an even Senate. He says Bush has a history of being bipartisan.Schmaltz says he’s more optimistic than most that Bush will be able to bring the country together after the messy election process. He says there’s an old political adage, “One man with courage makes a political majority.”Schmaltz says if you are sick of the presidential politics of the last six weeks, you need to brace yourself. Current First Lady Hillary Clinton has already booked an appearance in Iowa for early 2001 to reportedly test the waters for the 2004 race for the White House.